At Château de Lafox, to irrigate 58 hectares of corn, just press a button.

3-span Ocmis Hippodrome, efficiency and automation with the widest range.

A project implemented by Ocmis in South-West France.

Château de Lafox, along the Garonne. A vast estate cultivated with corn, in which more uniform irrigation and improved regulation of seed-sowing are required. The rollers, previously used in 17 positions, have been replaced with a 3-span hippodrome, achieving great savings in positioning times and manpower.

The corn-stripping teams work undisturbed and without interruption. The hippodrome carries out its task autonomously.

Machine and irrigated surface, the figures.


  • Ø168 lg: 60m
  • overhang lg: 24m
  • final irrigator
  • hydraulic feeding with 2 Ø140 x 220m polyethylene hydrants
  • Range irrigated = 211m
  • Linear path = 880m
  • Surface irrigated = 58 ha
  • Flow rate = 150 m3/h

Pivot systems, automation without waste.

The hippodrome belongs to the Pivot systems, conceived for large areas.

The water arrives where it is needed, in the quantities necessary for the type of cultivation. The high level of automation reduces consumption and leaves the field free for the operator who, after starting the machine, can attend to other matters.

The system works with a self-propelling boom, a central motor, and a revolving joint for 180° linear irrigation. It can be fed with a hose or from a canal.

Concrete advantages, in general, and for corn in particular.

On large expanses cultivated with corn, the Ocmis hippodrome enables:

  1. irrigation with regular turns;
  2. limited waste of water;
  3. reduced times and manpower;
  4. improved crop productivity.
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