Committed to creating a change that counts.

Sustainable development and increased global agricultural production depend on intelligent management of the water resources. The Ocmis irrigation systems are our response to this dilemma.

Alex Donzelli
Commercial Manager, Gruppo Ocmis Irrigazione SpA

Guided by a genuine, shared purpose, we create value for:

ourselves, we’re committed to growth that respects the three dimensions of sustainable development:

  • economic
    we generate a major spin-off by creating profits that we invest in research and development;
  • social
    we are a historical point of reference for the local community with a significant social impact;
  • ecological
    we adopt virtuous conduct such as using energy from renewable sources and materials that reduce environmental impact during production cycles.

our customers

the fruit of our skills is extended over their agricultural surfaces for the fullest satisfaction of their expectations, both in product yield and in optimal use of water.

our end users

beneficiaries of better and more abundant production results due to the application of more efficient irrigation systems.

Values and Conduct

  • Reliability

    Roll after roll, system after system, we have contributed to building granitic trust on the part of our commercial partners. A distinguishing value that we guard carefully and which spurs us to give of our best. Because that is what is expected of us.

  • Personal growth
    Personal growth

    The competitive advantage of our organization derives from our personnel, without whom Ocmis would not exist. We ensure that they find a work environment that is calm, balanced and motivating. We know that the wellbeing of our collaborators is the daily catalyst for the ongoing growth of our organization.

  • Evolution

    We hone the efficiency of agricultural irrigation, creating value. Together, every day, we renew and maintain our promise to enhance the economic, financial and innovatory performance of our product. This is the evolution that we and our stakeholders like.

  • Innovation

    Investing in research and development has been habitual for Ocmis since its earliest days. The market is in continual evolution and innovation is the only answer to all the questions that crowd onto our workbenches. Every time zone has its own set of problems, but the common denominator is man’s control over water. We have been responding to this call for decades, and we do not intend to stop.

  • Professionalism

    We are irrigation professionals. Our history is studded with goals achieved by working hard and farsightedly, always anticipating needs before they become such. The Ocmis product is the mirror image of the people who conceived it and made it an industrial reality. Its value is determined by the market.

  • Precision

    Buying an Ocmis irrigation system also means you have the certainty of seeing it function when and how it should. Precision is one of our distinguishing features. It applies to the entire perimeter of our activities. The result is satisfied customers who understand that, when we say no, there is a valid reason.

  • Inspired by change
    Inspired by change

    We interpret every change as a vital source of growth. We face it with one dose of pragmatism and three doses of enthusiasm. We share it with our customers and suppliers because constructive debate enriches us all. But an innovative idea is such only if it can be implemented and if the anticipated benefits can be measured.

  • Our word is our bond
    Our word is our bond

    We operate in the sector that, more than any other, has its crucial moments marked by the pattern of the seasons and the climate. As with ancient agricultural customs and usages, our word is our bond. It is worth more than any economic advantage, however great.

  • People are wealth
    People are wealth

    Our successes never come from individuals. It is always the combination of wills, backed by specific skills, that moves our organization towards the implementation of our common goals. “Together”, for us, is not just a word.

  • We never give in
    We never give in

    For us, every agricultural surface snatched from inefficient irrigation practices is a result to be celebrated.

  • Every day is a good day for learning
    Every day is a good day for learning

    Errare humanum est. We try and we get it wrong. Our mistakes teach us to do better. No one is perfect and certain failures have proved authentic goldmines of ideas and information. The only diabolical thing is to persevere in error.

  • Always a step ahead
    Always a step ahead

    We wondered how we could control an irrigator with a GPS. Then it occurred to us that it would be equally interesting to control several irrigators at the same time. From there, we moved to the use of sensors to gather environmental data. Till someone spoke of Clouds and Tablets. We plan today for the market demands of tomorrow.