Ocmis is the greatest global constructor of advanced systems for agricultural irrigation and green spaces.

We design and produce irrigation machines and we are famous worldwide for our self-propelling irrigators known as “Rollers”.

We have been the first company in Italy to respond to agriculturalists’ real needs. Year after year, our efforts in terms of investments and strategic choices have resulted in a constantly growing number of our systems present worldwide.

Ocmis at a glance

Irrigation systems operating every year
Countries with a commercial presence
Of turnover invested annually in R&D

When people ask who we are, we reply that our role is that of interpreters of simple questions, for which only complex answers exist. The global need for food is growing all the time and operators in the agricultural sector face situations of increasing difficulty, due to a range of factors arising from the geographical area in which they work.

Only 3% of irrigated surfaces can count on efficient technologies.

As global leaders and players in the design and production of irrigation systems, it is our responsibility to create increasingly efficient systems, aimed at the smallest possible consumption and dispersal of water during irrigation cycles.

  • Better control over the quantities of water used

    We were the first to experiment the potential of electronics. The leap from analogical to digital has been a natural evolution. The information our sensors capture is organized by artificial intelligence interfacing with the people on the field. Now you can make a decision by pressing a button and be certain you are doing the right thing at the right time.

  • Greater efficiency in irrigation systems

    Water when it is needed, where it is needed. Increased agricultural production is strictly and directly linked to intelligent management of the water intended for irrigation. This “blue gold” is getting rare in many territories of the planet. Outdated, wasteful irrigation practices combined with changing climate conditions are compromising the renewal of our reserves.

  • Reduced dispersion of water

    Every drop saved is water that can be used for irrigation. The single components of an Ocmis system are conceived to work and deliver according to the same principle that governs the entire system.

  • We Irrigate the world

    For Ocmis, this is not a slogan, it incarnates the daily purpose in which all members of the organization recognize themselves.

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