Our Story

At Ocmis, we create systems that irrigate intelligently.

And ours is a completely Italian story.

In these 51 years, we have never held back. We have always sought new ideas, more efficient and more sustainable than anything we had planned and produced up to the day before. Because, when the populations of a planet are your stakeholders, what is at stake is far more than just an organization that creates value for its shareholders.

4th Generation Turbine

The Turbo Speed System sent into retirement all the technology used until then. Greater reliability and improved performance.

The external belt and bypass were eliminated. The turbine was directly linked to the gearbox, with oil bath clutch and bypass inside the turbine itself.

The result was optimal functioning of the machine with minimal pressure absorption.


Raintronic, Aquasystem, Rain Control

The Raintronic tool was the predecessor of the current electronic systems for optimizing irrigation conditions. The first computer for managing the work of the rollers. With Raintronic, the agriculturalist distributed a homogenous amount of water over the terrain, controlling the hose rewinding speed electronically. With the passing years it changed its name, as it updated to increasingly modern and functional versions.

Raintronic yesterday, Aquasystem 4 and Rain Control 5 today.

Pelton Turbine and Volumetric Turbine

Pelton Turbine

Patented by Lester Allan Pelton in 1879, this is still today the impulse turbine with the highest yield and is used for high heads and low discharge. It is often used in Alpine hydroelectric basin. The Pelton-type turbine was used in the first Ocmis irrigation systems. Of large dimensions and with external bypasses, it achieved good results but proved somewhat inefficient in the attempt to limit power consumption. Nor did the version with built-in bypass excel in its results. While it noticeably improved the performance and required less absorption, it remained anchored to a technology based on a variator/belt system to drive the gearbox.

Volumetric Turbine

The alternative to the Pelton, in those days, was the volumetric turbine. It used a hydraulic cylinder that needed a lot of power for the rewinding of the irrigator hose. This technology, too, proved rather inefficient from the mechanical and hydraulic angle. The water needed to rewind the hose was discharged at the side of the machine and therefore wasted.


This was the moment for a further change of technological pace. The VARIO RAIN system is part of the equipment of all newly designed irrigation machines. Its gearbox with synchronized speed change is the pride and joy of Ocmis production, one that is destined to last for a long time. Still lower pressure losses, greater user-friendliness, versatility, toughness and reduced maintenance are the advantages of the new range incorporating this system.

The GPS electronic control system

With GPS, the operator has full control of the irrigator.The path and the water jet can be adjusted according to specific parameters: wind, presence of obstacles, the shape of the field to be irrigated.

A new dawn for Ocmis customers.

New Pivot, Frontal Ramps and Hippodrome lines.

New Pivot, Frontal Ramps and Hippodrome lines.

i-CAN System

“i-CAN System” control system for aligning Pivot and Linear machines without electromechanical switches, but with an electronic encoder that reads in real time the disalignment between the two spans.

The patented Hippodrome Irrigator with automatic inversion

Until now, the spans of a pivot mounted on a self-propelling carriage, which reaches the end of the field in linear modality, are obliged to rotate by 180°. The machine, in its turn, has to start again in the opposite direction.

The Ocmis innovation is the alternative the market lacked. The machine extends the hose and allows it to turn around without ever stopping its activity.

E-volution, the range of the future is already here

Rollers with a motor pump on board, equipped with a completely electronic system for rewinding the hose.The advantages are innumerable, from lower energy consumption to.reduced maintenance costs.

Greater precision during irrigation activities and enhanced work speed (0-300 mt./h.).The permanent magnet motor introduces an unusual level of flexibility to machine speed management.

Digital Irrigation

A system composed of data-gathering sensors and an artificial intelligence that analyses them, transforming them into precious information for the operator.

Where, how, when and how much to irrigate without waste, using a tablet.

The Origins


Levizzano, MO, Italia.

Montorsi and Rubini began their entrepreneurial career and founded a precision engineering workshop that produced parts for Ferrari.

Faster than Formula 1


Vignola, MO, Italia

The activity moved and production changed too. Engineering operations now dealt with undercarriages and caterpillar tracks. The technical equipment was self-produced and often licensed to the customers.

Irrigating Machines, a choice of field


Castelvetro, MO, Italia

Production moved again, returning to Castelvetro. The new factory revealed its industrial structure by announcing its first proprietary product. The era began of the self-propelling hose reel irrigator, also called the roller. Entirely designed and produced internally.

Trade Fairs and Exports to Distant Countries


The self-propelling irrigator made an excellent impression in the stands of national and international trade fairs. Orders were swift to arrive, including some from the New World.

The “I” of Industry rhymes with the “O” of Ocmis


Sant’Eusebio, MO, Italia

Modern production technologies, avant-garde logistics and space management. The new factory was Ocmis’s response to a constantly expanding market.

Ocmis presents Raintronic


Awarded a prize for Technical Novelty, Ocmis created the Raintronic Programmator.

The Turbo Speed System revolution


Turbo Speed System, the first system that rewound the roller by direct mechanical transmission.

Changing design methods


Centralized IT programming and control of utensil machines streamlines the processes and achieves a quality leap for the operators trained to handle the new automation levels.

Use of CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) means traditional design on paper can be shelved to make way for the 3D world.

The Sant’Eusebio factory grew once again.

The Quantum Leap of the Roller


Ocmis designers finalized and patented the Vario Rain system.

Intelligent Irrigation, a New Principle


Technical Novelty Prize for the “GPS electronic control system”.

Ocmis, documented quality


Ocmis is certified with the Quality Management System under the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation.

Sustainable, always


Energy from a renewable source with solar panels installed on the Ocmis sheds.

Pivot, Frontal Ramps and Hippodrome Made in Italy


With the new Pivot, Frontal Ramps and Hippodrome lines, Ocmis is the sole Italian manufacturer of analogic systems.

Technical Novelty prize for the “i-CAN System”.

The smart era has begun


Digital and irrigation, a combination that could be delayed no longer. The Digital 4.0 development programme is under way and its goal is to give agriculturalists complete remote control of Ocmis systems.

Technical Novelty prize for the “Hippodrome irrigator with automatic inversion”.

The E-volution makes its debut on the market. VIR8, VIR9, VIR10 and VIR10AM with VARIO RAIN are irrigator models.

Irrigation 4.0, Welcome to the Future


A new goal achieved in the intelligent use of water resources for irrigation.

Full steam ahead with Carlyle and digital irrigation


Global investment firm Carlyle acquires majority stake in OCMIS. Accelerates growth in the path set by founder Adriano Montorsi and his team. Investing to expand the offering of digital irrigation systems.