Carlyle and OCMIS Group, writing the future of agricultural irrigation

Sustainability orientation, shared values, and large-scale strategic plans are the basis of the M&A operation.

Global investment company Carlyle has identified OCMIS Group in its strategic plans as a player with whom to build a composite development path.

It is further confirmation of our intuitions and efforts to realize them. Of the work of all these years in which the global commercial presence was never lacking in investments in Research and Development.

Adriano Montorsi - Founder of OCMIS Irrigazione S.p.A.

For OCMIS, who has always been committed to finding innovative solutions for sustainable water use, Carlyle's entry is the right impulse at the best time. A tangible result that translates into new growth opportunities.

The commitment to research and development of OCMIS is tangible and represents a differentiating element in the global offer of irrigation systems. It is echoed by an important purpose, the protection of water resources, perfectly in line with Carlyle's commitment to sustainability.

Filippo Penatti, Managing Director of Carlyle Europe Partners advisory team

Francesco Villani, who took office in October, is the new CEO and President of OCMIS Irrigazione S.p.A.

Further comments by Adriano Montorsi and Filippo Penatti in the press release.