The best-sellers of our range.

Robust, high-performing irrigators with low running and maintenance costs. Appreciated and used by agriculturalists the world over for their versatility and user-friendliness.

The Turbo Speed system reduces turbine load loss and, at the same time, gives access to a range of machine speeds even with very low flows and inlet pressures. Ocmis innovation is there for all to see.

  • Trolley lifting, hydraulic feet with pump
  • Telescopic mechanical feet
  • 6 Speed gearbox
  • Power take off
  • Turbine flanged on the gearbox with built-in by-pass
  • Flexible connection pipe
  • Galvanized raingun trolley mounted on variable track wheels
  • Raingun
  • Set of nozzles ROYAL raingun from Ø 16 to Ø 22
  • Set of nozzles REFLEX raingun from Ø 24 to Ø 32
  • Pressure gauge (glycerine bath)
  • Winding handle
  • Tachometer
  • Safety guards
  • 2 wheels mod. 10.080.12 8PR 5F
  • Hot galvanized chassis and turret
  • Reel coated by epoxy resin and painted with polyurethane paint
  • Safety guards made of steel, swaged galvanized and painted
  • Galvanized double water inlet
  • For hose diam. 75-82-90-100 water inlet Bauer Ø 89
  • Polyethylene hose made from unadulterated raw material
A cm. B cm. C cm. D cm. E cm. F cm. G cm. H cm.
330 296 265 245 205 225 224 280
75 350 ROYAL 16/18/20 D 75R2_1A350.pdf
75 400 ROYAL 16/18/20 D 75R2_1A400.pdf
82 350 ROYAL 18/20/22 E 82R2_1A350.pdf
82 400 ROYAL 18/20/22 C 82R2_1A400.pdf
90 280 REFLEX 24/26/28 H 90R2_1A280.pdf
90 300 REFLEX 24/26/28 I 90R2_1A300.pdf
90 350 REFLEX 24/26/28 B 90R2_1A350.pdf
100 275 REFLEX 26/28/30 I 100R2_1A275.pdf


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