Work with us

We are looking for exceptional people for an extraordinary mission.

We have played an active role in the evolution of the irrigation sector since 1970, bringing innovations that have left their mark and trace the way for the changes to come.

We are more than 250 voices that unite daily for a common goal: optimizing water consumption and satisfying agriculturalists.

Why Ocmis

  • If anyone has ever been able to call themselves the leader of a sector, that’s us.

    We are the world’s largest producer of self-propelling irrigation plants. We have evolved from a philosophy based around the product to a highly automated systemic vision that supports the agriculturalist and maximizes water savings.

  • Planners and producers for global needs

    Man and his primary needs are the nodal and terminal point of a goal we pursue day after day, confident of our relevance for the community and for the environment.

  • Local and global

    Working in Ocmis means becoming part of an organization with deep and solid roots in Italy but which delivers worldwide through a capillary and highly qualified distribution network.

  • People, not resources

    Our goal is the professional growth of each member of the team. One person’s success is everybody’s success. For every target achieved, another is immediately on the horizon. We provide everyone with a path of opportunities during which they can acquire experience and assume new responsibilities.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

    Ocmis offers a serene and safe work environment. We believe these are the essential requisites for personal motivation. As is a healthy balance between working and personal spheres, to which we pay due attention.

  • We are ready to meet you.

    We are guided by principles of transparency and equity in our choices, and we are compliant with equal opportunities. We select in the first place candidates offering skills and capacities that we can put to immediate use.

    If there are no positions open, you are free to make an application and we will always give you a reply.

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