Great stability, ideal for handling pipes of large dimensions.

The gearbox with synchronized speeds is the nerve centre of the new generation machines that mount the Vario Rain system.

The competitive advantages are numerous: water saving, user-friendliness, and no significant pressure losses.

  • 4 wheel chassis
  • Hydraulic lifting device of trolley
  • Telescopic hydraulic feet
  • Hydraulic lifting of drawbar
  • 4 speed VR gearbox
  • Power take off
  • Turbine flanged on the gearbox with double built-in by-pass
  • Flexible connection pipe
  • Raingun
  • Set of nozzles REFLEX raingun from Ø 24 to Ø 32
  • Set of nozzles EXPLORER raingun from Ø 28 to Ø 40
  • Galvanized raingun trolley mounted on variable track wheels
  • for laying down the hose on the tractor wheel track with automatic gun-cart stabilizer leg
  • Pressure gauge (glycerine bath)
  • Winding handle
  • Computer Aqua System
  • Solar panel
  • Hose retraction by double chain
  • Hydraulic system by rapid couplings to tractor
  • Hydraulic lateral reverse pull
  • Safety guards
  • 4 wheels 15.0/70-18 148A8 14PR 6F
  • Double stabilizer legs mounted on drawbar for secure anchoring during working phase
  • Hot galvanized chassis and reel coated by epoxy resin and painted with polyurethane paints
  • Safety guards made of steel, swaged galvanized and painted
  • Galvanized double water inlet
  • Water inlet with Bauer 133
  • Polyethylene hose made by unadulterated raw material
A cm. B cm. C cm. D cm. E cm. F cm. G cm. H cm. I cm.
505 428 \ 378 265 \ 345 250 min 260 - max 275
110 800 REFLEX 26/28/30 E 110FV9800.pdf
110 850 REFLEX 26/28/30 C 110FV9850.pdf
125 650 EXPLORER 30/32/34 H 125FV9650.pdf
125 680 EXPLORER 28/30/32 J 125FV9680.pdf
135 550 EXPLORER 34/36/38 A 135FV9550.pdf
140 500 EXPLORER 34/36/38 C 140FV9500.pdf
140 530 EXPLORER 34/36/38 B 140FV9530.pdf


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