Irrigation 4.0

Innovating. For us, it’s a question of using our heads.

One of the challenges won by the Ocmis research & Development department. An evolutionary, epoch-making stage in an activity as old as the world. Digital Irrigation.

An uninterrupted flow to and from the cloud storage. The data exchange between sensors and devices is transformed into information. And information into decisions. A new governance level in the use of irrigation water.

Fields, cultivations, weather

Follow in real time the progress of the work programme you’ve set up, as well as every slightest variation in weather conditions and the terrain.

Fixed PC or App from the store

Stand alone positions and mobile devices become command and control instrument panels, from which you can organize and direct operations before, during and after irrigation.

A portal for everyone

A proprietary portal that handles Ocmis rollers, pivots, rangers and motor pumps, all in a single system. Simple, intuitive, immediate.

Digital Irrigation.
Line up the machines, check their position at every moment, manage their work, intervene when needed on the quantity of water distributed.

  • Single ecosystem

    All Ocmis machines are accessible via web or app mobile interface. The operator has complete control over irrigation activities. Reports on statistics and verifiable usage data in real time.

  • Geolocalization

    Rain Control 5 control panel tells you at every moment where each single machine is and what work is currently in progress.

  • From a sheet of water of 20 millimetres to one of 10

    Actions in real time validated by constant data exchange on the: weather situation, humidity of the terrain, water pressure, rewinding speed.

    An unprecedented wealth of information, enabling operators to intervene on working parameters. Solid added value, always yours at a touch of a button.

  • Cartographers of agricultural surfaces

    The field management function is made to map every kind of perimeter. Designing the “hauls” is the next stage. Lines. First made of bits, then of machines that cross the fields, irrigating with millimetric precision.

  • Instant reporting

    Access the machine data at any moment: hours of work, running costs, list of land sections irrigated. An analytical tool to tell you the exact amount of water distributed in the work cycles and to enable you to plan maintenance according to real use. Avoiding disorganized machine stoppages.

  • Automation is there to help man.

    A combination of levers available for companies innovating by transferring to digital. This is another reason why we have conceived it. But there’s more. Digital Irrigation integrates technologies that improve work conditions. In this particular case, the results go beyond an increase in productivity, they involve a strategic resource and the use made of it.

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