The farmer and dealer web portal.

The OCMIS Group has decided to launch IRRIVERSO, an innovative digital solution for its core market. IRRIVERSO is the portal designed to constantly improve the smartness and efficacy of irrigation system management. It’s a platform that brings together all the main services relating to our products and makes them accessible to our global dealer network.



  • The climate’s changing, farming’s changing, we’re changing

    IRRIVERSO is organised on multiple levels to identify the user (dealer or farmer) via a profiling process at login. Thanks to this distinction, we can provide customised information and contents tailored to each user’s needs and interests, bringing us closer to those working in the field.

  • IRRIVERSO for farmers

    IRRIVERSO provides access to Digital Irrigation, for organising and managing irrigation systems during working cycles, and to Web Order, for consulting the exploded diagrams of every irrigator model and ordering the parts required. Each machine is catalogued and its log is recorded to combine all the relevant information and provide the best solutions. What’s more, IRRIVERSO also gives access to quick, convenient online technical and support services.

  • IRRIVERSO for dealers

    The IRRIVERSO platform contains all the products of the four OCMIS Group brands. As well as the functions offered to farmers, it also enables management of before and after-sales activities for the dealer’s machines (parts, service, maintenance). Besides all this, it provides the Irrigation Project Designer, a quotes production software that can process even complex projects at high speed and provide our retailers with detailed, customised offers.

  • digital irrigation

    This innovative digital ecosystem provides access to OCMIS, IRTEC and Marani machines and systems via a web interface or mobile app, offering complete control of irrigation operations and enabling farmers to achieve high precision in irrigation, tailored to actual weather and soil humidity conditions.

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    web order

    Web Order is the irrigation machine parts hub. It contains exploded diagrams of the models of all four OCMIS Group brands to offer a detailed overview and enable users to order any part or consumable, just like a standard e-commerce platform. Orders are tracked and accessible in the user account to ensure their swift, transparent expedition.

    irirgation project designer

    The Irrigation Project Designer is the quotes software for OCMIS Group dealers, the perfect aid for reinforcing market share with more precise, more targeted, faster offers. The IPD is crucial in optimising the quotes process by enabling independent generation of offers for even complex projects, as in the case of Pivot systems. With this resource, dealers can produce custom solutions at high speed and become leaders in meeting the farming market’s needs.