POSITIVE, the sustainable irrigation prescription.

Satellites and Digital Irrigation 4.0 for efficient, high precision irrigation.

Ocmis’s contribution to the POSITIVE project is a further tessera that fits perfectly, for its coherence and determination, into the mosaic of the most recent innovations our technical staff have introduced to the irrigation sector.

Increased agricultural production and higher quality products with sustainable use of water resources. This is goal that daily accompanies our organization’s activities.

POSITIVE, the project

It is the desire of institutions, the academic world and private companies to make available, on a regional scale, indexes of agronomic interest obtained from the satellite images of the Copernicus project and to set up an IT structure that will make precision irrigation and fertigation concretely exploitable throughout the entire region.

POSITIVE, the goals

  • To produce periodically maps of biophysical parameters for full field crops in the regional territory.
  • To improve irrigation/fertigation advice systems with data obtained from the Copernicus satellite system and from the networks of sensors in proximity or in vivo.
  • To create standard, open components and interfaces that can handle information flows to systems of expert irrigation advice and, from these, to the variable rate precision systems of irrigation/fertigation.

The concrete impact

Conceived and implemented even before the POSITIVE project, the Ocmis Digital Irrigation 4.0 system is a natural ring in the chain that this major project aims to form. Our goals then were the same as now:

  1. to improve production in the field, encouraging optimal development of the cultivations.
  2. to reduce water consumption and waste.
  3. to respond to climate change in line with the goals of Agenda 2030.