250 hectares irrigated efficiently in Marmorta

Ocmis digital, infinite irrigation potential.

Also for the Nuova Società Agricola arl of Marmorta, in the Province of Bologna.

In an area not far distant from the principal city of Emilia Romagna, an agricultural enterprise has an area of 250 hectares to irrigate.

This is how we interpreted the farmer’s needs:

  • 80% of the surface is covered by the activity of the machines, which draw water directly from the channels running alongside the fields.
  • The remaining 20% of the surface is irrigated using a motor pump unit connected with hoses that relay the water in the fields.

The system is designed taking into account the relative loads of the nozzles installed on the Lancer irrigators serving the VIR10M machines, as well as the load losses of the hoses.

Digital irrigation, the innovation that makes the difference.

All the machines, VIRlOM and motor pump unit I75R617, are equipped with devices for remote monitoring with the "Digital lrrigation 4.0" application Made in Ocmis.

With this system, we guarantee the user fully integrated management of all machines present in the company with a single interface. In practical terms, the user can monitor the irrigated fields, the water needs of the cultivations and the weather.

A mass of precious data that, once obtained, is saved on our portal. Information on the irrigation cycles completed by the machines, consultable data on the scope of the cycles, partial and total, and the hours worked, with the option to preset hourly costs and observe physically the operating pressures and the return speed of the irrigator-bearing trolleys.

In addition, with the integrated GPS we geolocalize the machines, guaranteeing dialogue with all the operator’s devices. Operators can reach the information with the system they prefer:smartphone, tablet e PC.

Composition of the system:

  • N.1 OCMIS irrigating machine model VIRlOM d.140 720 m. with incorporated motor pump unit.
  • N.1 OCMIS irrigating machine model VIRlOM d.150 600 m. with incorporated motor pump unit.
  • N.1 SCOVA motor pump unit model I75R617 power 75 hp.
  • N.1 winder model 1580A.
  • N.2 reels complete with 5 separators each to house connecting hoses.
  • N.7 hose sections d. 127 length 100 m.
  • N.5 hose sections d. 127 length 20 m.
  • N.1 hose section d. 127 length 10 m.
  • N.1 hose section d. 127 length 5 m.
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