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"VIR10AM" sprinkler with "e-volution" system at Fieragricola Verona 2020

OCMIS presents the new "VIR10AM" sprinkler with "e-volution" system at Fieragricola Verona 2020 for the first time! "e-volution" is the new fully electric hose rewinding system, replacing the standard hydraulic system. Come and discover all the advantages at stand D2, hall 8!

The new e-volution system is equipped with:

- a 4.3 KW 24VDC generator with electronic voltage and current regulator;

- a patented power take-off with roller bearings and forced lubrication;

- a 34vdc 250a digital controller controlled via CAN-BUS technology;

- a 4 kW class F 24VDC brushless synchronous motor;

- a high-performance toothed belt transmission.

The main advantages offered by OCMIS' new e-volution system are:

- Lower energy consumption

High efficiency of the generator/controller/engine assembly with consequent elimination of the problems due to the heating of the hydraulic oil.

- Lower maintenance costs

Brushless motor and generator lower the maintenance costs of the system by eliminating the replacement of pumps and hydraulic motors, filters and oil.

- Higher precision

The control via CAN-BUS technology allows extremely precise control of all the working parameters.

- Higher range of working speed 0-300MT7H

The working speeds of the system becomes more flexible thanks to the permanent magnet motor.

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