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“We want to contribute to the overall global agricultural production, as we perform our work, in order to support the earth and all of its inhabitants." OCMIS is the world leader in the production of hose reel irrigators, spray booms and pumps. First-class performance, advanced technology, a wide choice of products suitable for every possible need and reliability ensured by the high quality of our machines are the result of a highly motivated and committed company. This motivation and commitment has led OCMIS to the top of both domestic and international markets. Thirty years of experience and of research and innovation serving the needs of the agricultural industry have given OCMIS a sustained period of continual expansion, projected from the hills of Castelvetro outwards towards global markets


“The world is a fine place and it worth fighting for.” Our mission is develop and increase the use if hard hose travelling irrigators, distinguishing ourselves from the rest through excellence and professionalism recognized by our customers who work with us throughout the world. We are focused on reaching our goals constantly investing in R&D and repowering the technology skills. This could allow the workers increase the agricultural production reducing the water consumption.


“We love imparting our passion for the environment building up unique and distinctive solutions” To contribute to the overall global agricultural production, as we perform our work, in order to support the earth and all of its inhabitants.


Quality policy

The quality policy reflects the attitude of OCMIS Group aiming on excellence and perfection in irrigation systems. OCMIS employs a strong industrial strategy, based on a responsible approach to manufacturing, which promptly respond to the main changes of the global agricultural industry. The QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is the key instrument to pursue OCMIS' objective to maintain the leader position it holds in the irrigation industry in the short, mid and long term. The Ocmis Management commits to comply with the Quality System provision in order to maintain its leadership role which is contingent upon research, development, investments seeking to understand the market needs and those who operate our machines while respecting the environment. To this aim Ocmis set up a procedure for the systematic checking of its processes to support its Management to determine and to review the Company's objectives. The Ocmis Management undertakes to give ample instructions to all the members of its staff to guarantee that these guidelines are fully understood and complied with. The set up procedures will be continuously monitored to make sure that they satisfy the Quality System provisions.



OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE S.p.A. is a public limited company with 3.120.000,00 euro fully paid up capital stock.


OCMIS was founded in 1970m with its initial production being based on the construction of precision mechanical parts and the production of irrigation machinery. From the beginning, the main aim of OCMIS work is to improve the quality of the agricultural irrigation all over the world, through hose reel irrigators, spray booms, centrifugal pumps and Pivot systems.


OCMIS produces hose reel irrigators in a variety of models, which make up a range of machines suitable for any situation. OCMIS also produces tractor pumps both for clean waters and sewage as well as centrifugal pumps and overgears for thermal and electric motors. The company demands and guarantees the highest standards of quality in the raw materials used in the finished product. A continual process of product improvement has maintained the company's position as market leader both in Italy and the World and it has permitted, in September 2009, to obtain the certification for the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD. This result confirms the reliably of the company and together with a continual investment in production and information technology ensures that OCMIS enters the new century as a major player in its sector



OCMIS has always stood out because of the continual commitment given towards the research and development of its production. Throughout its history the company has used several different turbine system, the current system is the fourth generation. OCMIS has been from the beginning sceptical about systems using bellow drive for the hose rewinding, considering it an obsolete technology: slow intake, problems relating to dirty water, uneven intake rates of the hose leading it to be continually under strain, and the frequent overflow of water from the side of the machine are some of the evident disadvantages. Initial production used a volumetric turbine, a massive cylinder that used up excessive amounts of energy in propelling the machine.


The use of the Pelton turbine represented the subsequent development stage. This type of turbine was fitted with external by-passes. The results were good but nevertheless it did not allow to limit the power consumption. The turbine with a built-in by-pass provided better performances and reduced the power consumption but yet it could not be considered a first-rate system. In fact it was based on a variator, belt system to drive the gearbox.


OCMIS came to a turning point when developing an advanced fourth generation turbine system, providing excellent results even at very low pressures: 2 to 3 bars when using the spray boom, 5 to 6 bars when using the raingun. The choke-flow turbine with built-in by-pass and flanged directly to an oil-bath gearbox represents a significant advance in hose reel irrigators drive and makes this system unique in terms of reliability and performance. The connection shaft of the turbine is constructed in stainless steel and the mechanical seal is made of widia. The turbine is made with a special aluminium alloy and machined using fully automatic machine tools. The current turbine, the turbo speed system, which is based on seven years experience, has eliminated the transmission belt and the external by-passes. The turbine is connected directly to the gearbox and the by-pass is internal. This keeps pressure absorption to a minimum, allowing the machine to run more smoothly.


Thanks to considerable investments in research and development, in the year 2006, OCMIS has introduced a new type of machines fitted with a new and innovative gearbox. Vario Rain System. The big innovation of the system is that the gearbox has 3-4 synchronised speeds and it is coupled to a high efficiency turbine with a turbine/gearbox shaft connection through a bevel gear. This system provides excellent performance and reliability. It makes the machine very easy to use and gives excellent manoeuvrability and last but not the least...it guarantees the highest safety standards.

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